EHR Vendor Bizmatics Reports Patient Data Breach

Complete Family Foot Care of Lincoln, NE was recently informed by Bizmatics, an EHR vendor of ambulatory care software and revenue cycle management services. The data breach has affected numerous other practices as well. Bizmatics has informed Complete Family Foot Care that the breach was believed to have taken place sometime in 2015, however, it was not until January of 2016 that the practice was informed. The information that was accessed was said to include patient data, social security numbers, health insurance numbers, diagnoses, and treatments. The data that was breached did not include financial information such as credit card data.

Complete Family Foot Care has stated that a total of 5,883 patients health information may be potentially compromised. Bizmatics was the EHR vendor and storage management for Complete Family Foot Care. Bizmatics works with numerous other healthcare providers and handles large amounts of patient data. This is one of many practices affected by the data breach.

Following the breach Bizmatics, and Complete Family Foot Care are working with law enforcement and IT experts in order to make the servers and patient portal more secure. Complete Family Foot Care is also offering free identity recovery services for all patients whose data may have been breached. With tehr-sra-175he scale of this attack on Bizmatics, it is clear that even a major EHR vendor can be compromised. Handling of patient data can potentially make you a target for attacks. In order to avoid having your healthcare practice’s data comprised by an attack, it is important to have a Security Risk Analysis(SRA) done with a risk management timeline to mitigate identified security risks. Here at EHR 2.0, we offer DIY toolkit along with consulting option for both  Security Risk Assessment and HIPAA/HITECH Assurance from small to large practices.

At EHR 2.0, we assist healthcare organizations and business associates develop and implement practices to secure patient data, and comply with HIPAA/HITECH regulations and Meaningful Use EHR incentive programs. Contact us at 866-276-8309 or for more information.

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