databrackets Audit Support Assurance Program

Gain peach of mind, protection aginast data breaches when you become our annual subscribers


Financial Protection

All of our annual subscription customers* get $100,000 financial protection from data breach and violation expenses. The financial protection covers:

Data Breach Related Expenses

  • Reasonable costs of an audit to determine the cause and extent of a security breach
  • Post breach expenses to provide notice to customers, identity monitoring and/or restoration services to individuals affected by the breach

Agency Fines

  • Any penalty, fine or statutory damages imposed by international, federal or state government or agencies in response to a data breach

Financial Protection Details

  • Total limit of protection of $100,000
  • $25,000 post breach expenses sublimit (notice to customers, identity monitoring, etc)
  • $5,000 annual retention/deductible
  • **See more information below


  • Available to all our annual subcription customers
  • Available to organizations with 50 or fewer employees