EHR 2.0, the company that was founded in 2011 to serve the signature healthcare law incentive programs, security requirements and HIPAA/HITECH compliance requirements, today announced a corporate name change to databrackets. As part of the rebranding effort, we are unveiling a new line of service offerings and software platform capabilities, a new website and introducing a new logo to showcase the company’s fresh look.  

“As part of the rebranding efforts the tone for our company is to evolve and serve the growing security, privacy audit and compliance requirements,” Mr. Kolathur said. We are expanding our service offerings not only to our consulting customers but also to our DIY (Do It Yourself) toolkit customers and partners. With our strong security and compliance team of expertise, we strive to fulfill the needs all of our customers to the fullest extent.

Under our former brand EHR 2.0, we primarily served the healthcare industry clients with HIPAA/OSHA compliance and MIPS requirements. Based on our customers’ needs, we have added GDPR compliance, NIST framework compliance, Cybersecurity compliance, (including CCPA and NY Cybersecurity) CFR Part 11, SOC 2 audits, cloud compliance and other fields that are on high demand. With these expanded service offerings, we see our company shift from the healthcare domain to industry agnostic solutions with general data security, compliance, and auditing as our key differentiators. We believe rebranding to a strong and unique company name reflects the full depth and breadth of our current expertise, as well as our vision for the future.

The rebranding and expanded service offerings has positioned us to reach the European, Asian, and the Middle Eastern markets and we are excited about our expansion.

“Data is the key in this digital world. Our expanded services focus on securing them and ensuring that the organizations’ data meets the compliance and certification requirements. The response from our consulting clients and DIY portal customers is very encouraging and positive” says Punitha Srini, Business Development Director.

Our DIY portal and training in all our service area offerings receive overwhelming positive feedback and serves the customers with the necessary budget and resources needed to quickly meet the compliance requirements. Visit out our website to learn more.

Phone: (866)-276-8309

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