Become a databrackets Consultant

+++++We are looking for Consultants with a blend of domain expertise and years of experience in the niche segment of IT Security, Compliance, Cybersecurity & Network Security Audit. The auditing experience includes ISO 27000 Series, NIST, SOC, PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and many other regulatory requirements.
+++++Our expert cybersecurity consultants perform security auditing that enables customers to find vulnerabilities in their environment, including authentication, authorization, and business logic deficiencies that could lead to a data breach. Corporations and small businesses may strengthen their security posture without spending big bucks [without investing millions in dollars].
+++++This Consulting position provides the flexibility to be involved full-time, or part-time, and even contractual. It is open to Professionals / Companies wanting to work together and become a part of our large consulting team.

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