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Phishing Awareness Training

Our phishing awareness training empowers every employee of your organization with the knowledge to identify and prevent the phishing attacks. It can be personalized to suit your organization with relevant to different user groups.

It takes only one successful attack to crack  a company’s security system. Employees should be aware on how to spot and stop such phishing attempts to not only protect themselves but also to protect the company from cybercriminals, hackers, and other bad actors. Phishing can lead to loss of money, loss of intellectual property and loss of company’s value.

Phishing Mail Sample
Phishing process cycle

Our Phishing Awareness Training include:

  1. Assess the Employees and baseline their awareness level
  2. Train the staff with Phishing know-what and know-how
  3. Simulate phishing attacks and Test  the employees’ awareness
  4. Analyze the organization’s awareness level and tailor the training and audience

What You’ll Learn

What You’ll Get

Target Audience

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