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Cybersecurity Measures For Mental Health Practitioners

Mental health practitioners have a legal and ethical duty to protect their clients’ privacy. Cybersecurity attacks can expose clients to financial harm, fraud, and even physical danger when threat actors...
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Strengthening Cybersecurity Posture for Radiology

Cybercrimes directed against hospitals and healthcare systems have been on a massive upswing globally for several years. IBM’s 2021 Cost of Data Breach Report has some unsettling revelations: It is...
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Fortify Cybersecurity

Fortify your Cybersecurity Test your defenses with Penetration Testing

This blog emphasizes the importance of testing cybersecurity measures. Companies can be confident that their data will be safe if they are frequently examined with VAPT. There is a false...
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Stay Informed. Stay Protected. Stay Secure with SAMA.

In May 2017, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) proposed a framework to strengthen the security of financial organizations. As new security demands and trends emerge, this Framework is continually...
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Cover picture of Hacker accessing system using ransomware

Ransomware On The Rise | Cybersecurity

Ransomware is a form of malware that threatens users with damage by refusing access to their data. As a ransom, the attacker promises to restore access after the victim pays....
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HIPAA Doesn’t Ban Questions About Your Vaccination Status

Kindergarteners, tourists on exotic holidays, healthcare professionals, and Ellis Island immigrants all have something in common. The majority of them had to show that they would not accidentally transfer potentially...
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Some of The Most Vulnerable Industries To Cyber Attacks

Cybercrime Statistics These are the data compiled based on the public sources from the cyber-attack timelines that have been reported so far in 2021. With 86 percent of the vote,...
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Is HITRUST Worth The Investment?

  HITRUST is a non-profit organization that helps the healthcare industry control data protection standards. It’s similar to HIPAA, but instead of being written and implemented by the federal government,...
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Automate your SOC 2 Audit Examination

Partner with databracket to make SOC 2 examination a breeze for your customers. databrackets' SaaS based online SOC 2 portal will be your single source of truth for your SOC 2 examination process. Learn more.
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