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databrackets Partnership Program

Your Relationship, Our Expertise – a win-win partnership!

Don’t have a flexible platform to conduct cybersecurity and compliance assessment?

 Want to expand your portfolio of services offered to your customers?

 Want to secure your customers from hackers?

 Want to hit the ground running with our white-label capable platform?

Watch your business grow with databrackets

More efficiency in your dealings with clients means more growth for your business. You can add an unlimited number of client accounts. Whether you’re starting from humble beginnings or jumping on board with a large corporation, databrackets can be a part of your success. Our personalized partner dashboard is all part of the package that databrackets offer to take you to the next level.

databrackets also shows your clients you’re embracing a modern, secure way to handle your engagement. Rather than relying on an outdated spreadsheets or manual methods for assessments, offering a custom-branded client assessment portal is faster, easier, and more secure. This shows your clients and partners you’re a forward-thinking, tech-savvy company that takes advantage of databracket’s advanced features:

  • Enterprise-level secure data storage
  • Notifications and alerts to keep your customers up to date
  • The ability to complete your cybersecurity and compliance needs under one umbrella

and much more >>

Built for our Partners to Succeed:

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