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From our satisfied MU pre-payment audit customer:

I successfully attested in the last quarter of 2014, but was one of the unfortunate ones. I was chosen for a prepayment audit. I’m not kidding. I was upset, extremely frustrated, and felt that my software company had let me down. I contacted Srini Kolathur of EHR2.0 from the internet. Srini was calming, listened to what I had to say, and told me everything will be all right. He then proposed a plan, held my hand, completed it, and followed up with me.

I was very pleased with the efforts and work that Srini had done. And I was blessed and very grateful when the results of the pre – payment audit came back, “…you have met the meaningful use criteria.”

– Drakas Family Chiropractic and Massage

From our satisfied DIY online HIPAA toolkit customer:

As a Security Officer, I found the HIPAA/HITECH Risk Assessment Toolkit from EHR 2.0 very useful to initiate the thinking and get the project moving, where it had been stalling for some time. I was impressed with how well it was organized with easy to follow instructions to complete the various steps. Having an organized launching point was critical to start and maintain a pace to see it through to completion. I also found it thorough from the Security perspective.

– K. Jalbert, Director of Information Technology

From our satisfied consulting customer:

EHR2.0 has acted as our trusted custodians of HIPAA security practice in Washington County Regional Medical Center. For a CIO with limited resources, the team has outlived our expectations with their knowledge of today’s HIPAA terrain & compliance. They have a well thought out assessment and compliance framework that is a boon to today’s provider environment. In addition, they continue to brief us through the regular webinars. I see them as a core part of my team.

– Anna R, CIO, Washington County Regional Medical Center

From our satisfied consulting customer:

We used EHR2.0 in our small medical practice for our risk analysis assessment to be in compliance with meaningful use. Their response was fast, the final report is detailed but simple and easy to follow. They were always available to answer our questions.

– E. Compres, Pulmonary and Sleep Center of the Valley

From our satisfied webinar attendee:

I never miss the opportunity to learn something new …that’s why I am always registering to all free seminars offered on the web. EHR 2.0 happened to be the friendliest, comprehensive and up-to- date source of HIPAA Privacy and Security updates.

– Alexandra V., Community Healthcare Network

From our satisfied webinar attendee:

Today’s presentation was great! Thank you for sending the slides. My only feedback is that it would be fabulous to have the slides ahead of time so I could print them and take notes on the slides.Thanks for your time and knowledge today!

– T.B., PM, Community Health Network

From our satisfied training customer:

Particularly interesting was the flow chart on Administrative Simplification. I utilize all of the Security subcategories you list under the Security tile and appreciate knowing that I am hitting all of the relevant topics during my employee training.

– Jessica B., JD, CHC

From our satisfied MU SRA toolkit customer:

I have re-worked our original risk assessment….We are using EHR2.0’s Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis Toolkit and it meets our needs. It was easy to use and I believe that it very beneficial to our meeting meaningful use.

– Bill Curtis, Neurosurgical Associates Of Texarkana, TX

From our satisfied webinar attendee:

Information (webinars) presented by EHR 2.0 highlights some of today’s most demanding healthcare topics. The webinars help to direct those operating in today’s rapidly changing environment in the right direction.

– Candace M., Privacy and Security Officer, Springhill Medical Center

From our satisfied DIY online HIPAA toolkit customer:

In this time of constant and sustained change in Health Care, it was imperative that we find a resource that could be a true partner in our Security and Privacy initiatives. EHR 2.0 not only met, but exceeded our expectations with their HIPAA/HITECH toolkit and consultation services. EHR 2.0 offers the best of both worlds by integrating research and documentation into a solid operationalized practice.

– Robert W. Stewart, CIO

From our satisfied webinar attendee:

I especially enjoyed listening to the benefits of social media and how to be HIPAA compliant. It was especially informative on the number of hospitals using social media and the percentage of physicians and providers currently using social media for communication with consumers. The information on guidelines for policy development was extremely helpful.

– Marie H., Risk Management Consultant, Coastal Insurance, RRG, Inc.

From our satisfied webinar attendee:

The content of the slides puts the information into a logical flow …The commentary that accompanied the slides was also good explanations of what is out there and what can be expected.

– Margaret C., Compliance Officer, Cherry Street Health Services

From our satisfied webinar attendee:

Thank you so much! I was scribbling away the whole time! It was very well organised and ran perfectly on time so well done on that and thanks again.

– Lisa N., Virtual Admin

From our satisfied webinar attendee:

EHR 2.0’s webinars provide practical guidance for navigating the confusing maze of healthcare compliance. The webinars are informative and easy to follow and make the learning process enjoyable. I thank the entire EHR 2.0 team for their efforts!

– Lydia T., HIPAA Security Officer, Crouse Hospital

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