SOC 2 for SaaS Providers

Explore why businesses prefer SaaS Providers with a SOC 2 Type 2 Certificate, the difference between SOC 2 Compliance & Certification & the SOC 2 Process

If you are a SaaS platform provider, it is increasingly important to demonstrate your security and privacy implementations through a third-party independent audit report, such as SOC 2. A SOC […]

SOC 2 for Radiology

Earn the confidence & loyalty of clients by proving your radiology & imaging systems are protected by robust security controls audited by a licensed CPA

While a SOC 2 report is often associated with technology companies and cloud service providers, its principles are equally applicable and beneficial to organizations in the healthcare sector, including radiology […]

How to read a SOC 2 Report

Learn about the sections of a SOC 2 Report that are critical & which one you need to dive deep to find out if your vendor’s security controls meet your requirements.

Want to save time reading a long and complicated SOC 2 Report? If you’re one of hundreds of organizations who need to quickly review a SOC 2 Report to help […]

What is the Role of a SOC 2 Compliance Readiness Partner?

Explore how to achieve SOC 2 Compliance by working with a SOC 2 Compliance Readiness Partner to reduce time, improve efficiency and reach your goal

In today’s competitive landscape, demonstrating robust security practices is no longer a nicety; it’s a necessity. Achieving SOC 2 certification by an independent third-party auditor  is a powerful way to […]