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EHR 2.0 will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete information stored in the tool or any other damages as a result of using the software.

Moreover, this tool is not intended to cover all the risks of every healthcare practice but to help you put the risk assessment process into practice. For the tool to be fully effective, it needs to be adapted to the context of your particular practice – some items might need to be added others omitted if they are not relevant.

For practical and analytical reasons, the tool presents problems separately, but in practices, they may be intertwined. Therefore interactions between the different problems or risk factors identified must be taken into account.

Therefore, EHR 2.0 does not accept any liability for damages and claims in case a tool does not cover all risks of a given sector or any potential audit issues.

Moreover, the Agency and the organizations involved in the production of the tool do not accept any liability for damages and claims arising out of the use or inability to use the tool and the data stored therein. Similarly, EHR 2.0 does not accept any liability in case of unavailability of the function of the tools to print the report, recording the risk assessment automatically generated by the tool. Therefore, the customer has to make sure, at any time, to be in possession of a printed, accurate and updated risk assessment.