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Do-It-Yourself Online Healthcare OSHA Compliance Assessment Toolkit

In this time of constant and sustained change in Health Care, it was imperative that we find a resource that could be a true partner in our Security and Privacy initiatives. EHR 2.0 not only met, but exceeded our expectations with their HIPAA/HITECH toolkit and consultation services. EHR 2.0 offers the best of both worlds by integrating research and documentation into a solid operationalized practice.”
- R. W. Stewart, CIO

We offer a secure and user-friendly online HIPAA compliance assessment platform for small medical practices with limited resources and time, to identify gap areas, prioritize solutions, and demonstrate compliance with Government regulations.

DIY Online HIPAA Compliance Assessment Toolkit Demo

As a Security Officer, I found the HIPAA/HITECH Risk Assessment Toolkit from EHR 2.0 very useful to initiate the thinking and get the project moving, where it had been stalling for some time. I was impressed with how well it was organized with easy to follow instructions to complete the various steps. Having an organized launching point was critical to start and maintain a pace to see it through to completion. I also found it thorough from the Security perspective."
- K. Jalbert, Director of Information Technology

Features of our DIY Online HIPAA Compliance Assessment Toolkit with HITECH

Continuous Compliance with HIPAA/HITECH requirements

  • Electronic patient data security risk analysis is the key component of HIPAA/HITECH requirements
  • Protect yourself from OCR/HHS audit
  • Minimize patient data breach

Invest in Patient Data Security

  • Easily identify your security exposure and risk areas
  • Meet meaningful use security risk assessment objectives and HIPAA requirements in one place
  • Track exposures, prioritize risks, develop mitigation plan using pre-populated solution

Organize, analyze, and report your status

  • Know your security risks vs. measures after reviewing all the HIPAA/HITECH requirements
  • See the impact to different technology assets with one click
  • Download your reports – no need to prepare manually

Meet New HITECH Breach Rule Requirements

  • Protect yourself from HHS/OCR audits
  • Easily update your previous year’s report and save time
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with compliance requirements

Even if it’s random, it’s still an audit

  • A certified security professional reviews your report and provides recommendations
  • Protect your hard earned reputation and money
  • Minimize patient data breach penalties

And more ways to help meet your goals

  • See your up-to-date security posture
  • Save assessment time by importing your previous year’s report
  • Mobile-friendly interface

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a web-based tool that allows you to perform a HIPAA/HITECH assessment of your Protected Health Information (PHI) for a typical small medical practice*.

This tool can be used by covered entities and business associates wishing to assess their business based on updated HIPAA/HITECH mandatory compliance rules

It  is a 5-step process:

Step 1: Preparation introduces the user (practice) to the risk assessment

Step 2: In identification the user goes through the standards (structured in modules / submodules) and answers YES or NO or NOT APPLICABLE to the questions. These are always affirmative statements for consistency, and are arranged in a logical order.

Step 3: Evaluation for each problem spotted, the end-user evaluates the risk

Step 4: Action Plan is filled in with measures to tackle all stated risks

Step 5: Report the action plan is converted into a report to be downloaded and printed

It’s impossible to say how long an assessment will take in general as the tools differ according to your practice setup. Usually, it should not take more than 3 to 5 hours to complete your assessment.

You do not need any kind of specific preparation to start using the tool, however you should take some time to think about who is going to carry out the risk assessment, how your IT and other people involved in PHI are going to be involved in the process, etc.


This tool contains links to other websites which are not under the control of EHR 2.0(Agency)  and the organizations involved. The Agency and the organizations involved accept no liability in respect of the content of these websites.

EHR 2.0 will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete information stored in the tool or any other damages as a result of using the software.

Moreover, this tool is not intended to cover all the risks of every healthcare practice  but to help you put the risk assessment process into practice. For the tool to be fully effective it needs to be adapted to the context of your particular practice – some items might need to be added others omitted if they are not relevant.

For practical and analytical reasons, the tool presents problems separately, but in practices they may be intertwined. Therefore interactions between the different problems or risk factors identified must be taken into account.

Therefore, EHR 2.0 does not accept any liability for damages and claims in case a tool does not cover all risks of a given sector or any potential audit issues.

Moreover, the Agency and the organizations involved in the production of the tool do not accept any liability for damages and claims arising out of the use or inability to use the tool and the data stored therein. Similarly, EHR 2.0 does not accept any liability in case of unavailability of the function of the tools to print the report, recording the risk assessment automatically generated by the tool. Therefore, the customer has to make sure, at any time, to be in possession of a printed, accurate and up-dated risk assessment.